Artist History

Rita Deanin Abbey


Abbey: In her own words

My approach to making art is predominantly intuitional rather than analytical. I explore the possibilities intrinsic to the materials that I use, and images begin to evolve with the act of creation. During this process of developing the work, I then go back and forth between critical analysis of relationships and introspection. What feels “right” determines the direction. I am more interested in the search and discovery aspects of making art than in repeating what I have done and already seem to know. Even in large-scale works, I take risks and make changes. The realization that -- developing work with total freedom is an illusion--forces me to grapple with my limitations and to strive harder to reach my inner voice.

I am in search of my nature and the nature of materials, and the world around me. This actualizes in unseen patterns. Images emerge from an intuitive source, express through my creative process, reflect a close connection to forms and processes in nature. Arrangements of space, forms, and rhythms are archetypically familiar because their roots are in nature.

The infinite wonder of nature has had the greatest influence on my work. I have explored desert landscapes and have been deeply affected by rock formations, vistas, sunsets, plants and wildlife, rivers, and the colors and textures of secret canyons. These places communicate and resonate with my own nature.